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mom: don't eat the cookies yet, they just came out of the oven and are too hot
me: fire cannot kill a dragon


*at a restaurant*

*orders water instead of soda*

wow im so fucking healthy 

Sherlock and his nape curls1                      


he’s not actually kidding


Kane wo Narashite/Ring a Bell

I couldn’t find the guitar chords for Kane wo Narashite/Ring a Bell, so I, uh, made my own. I’m sure there are mistakes, but these were the closest I could get to the tune with my amateur guitar skills. Lmao. I hope you enjoy, or something. Or if you can suggest a better combination of chords, by all means.

D                      A                                E
Kimi to hanarete, boku wo sagashite
Reaching up for no man`s land To take a breath and take a chance
                             A      A7
Ikusen no yo wo aruite
I walk a thousand nights to change the world

D                           A                          E
Nani wo mezashite, dare wo shinjite
Where to go? When to stop? Who to trust? What to say?
                                  A      A7
Chikatte wa mata yuraida
 Found them all, just need someone to share

C                      A                                Bm                    A            A7
Yuuyami ni wa kiba wo mukedo, tsuyokunai sou tsuyoku wa nai
It`s now in the dusk every day to everyone Ain`t so strong, I ain`t so strong to go
C                             A                      Bm                       A7- hold
Kimi ni se wo mukete hisashiku manten no hoshizora ga sabishii
Living in life as it`s not the way to live I wish you could hear me say that I miss you


D                            A
Hikari wa kage no, kage wa hikari no
Why were we there back to back? Why were we there face to face?
C                         Bm           A
hate made tsuite iku no darou
I must be the light when you`re in the dark
D                A      Bm       A
boku ga waratte ikite ita no nara
If you lose me somewhere, and your tears are in the air
C                 D          A              A7     D
kane wo narashite, kimi ni shirase yo
I will ring a bell until you feel me by your side

D - A - E - A

D                        A                                 E
yurushita mono to, yurusareta mono wa
Looking up into the sky, looking for the reason
E                       A    A7
onaji kizu wake atte
Why I`m here, and why you can`t be here
D                    A                                  E
omote to ura no kanashimi wa itsuka
Who`s to hate? Who`s to blame? Who`s to hurt? Who`s to love?
                       A       A7
rakuen de iyasareru
Who decides? Why can`t we be the same?

C                           A                       Bm               A            A7
asamoya ni kodamasuru kane, tookunai sou tooku wa nai
Try to believe walking down the lonesome road Ain`t so far, I ain`t so far from you
C                          A                     Bm                 A7-hold
kimi ga kimi rashiku aru koto, sore wa mata kodoku to mo iu
Staying the way you are means solitude I wish you were here and shook off my fear


D                              A                           C
sekai wa shiro ka kuro, heiwa ka arasoi
What has been in the mix too long? There`s the peace when you`re at war
                                       E                                              A
Heads or tails, you and I, light and dark, ups and downs
D                       A                    C                E                                    D
sono mannaka de bokutachi wa itsuka deai te wo tsunagu darou ka
What has been in the mere goal? What`s there to divide us? If you`re hurt, cry and say can`t you see your might of the heart?



Batman - Word Association


I’m just going to upload this part of the conversation because the mental image is adorable.