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i had a dream about these two last night! (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)


Robstar Hugs






"It’s important to show that a heroine can be girly/ladylike/feminine and still kick ass!"

yes, because we’re so overwhelmed by butch women protagonists in media

but the first is still important?? like why cant we have both and recognize that they’re both important???

yeah exactly and a lot of people think that a heroine has to be masculine in order to be brave or successful or deserving of respect and that reinforces patriarchal stereotypes because it’s forcing a woman to act like a man in order to be treated as if she’s worth something, as if women just being women makes them less than men. So it’s fine to have masculine women as long as you make it clear that feminine women are not less than her. i’m side-eyeing op so much rn

two things here

1) there’s no way for a woman to “act like a man.” the idea that by being strong, or assertive, or skilled in male-dominated fields, or not wearing makeup or jewelry, or whatever else you’re alluding to, a woman is “acting like a man” is itself sexist.

2) feminine women—women who meet at least basic societal standards of femininity—are the absolute default in media. they are the vast majority of characters on television (for example). the number of women tv characters i’ve seen who appear even remotely butch/masculine is in the single digits, and that’s including minor characters, and almost all of them are in shows with lesbian themes. the total number of women tv characters i’m familiar with is in the hundreds at least.

in this context, saying “it’s important to show that a woman can be feminine and still be awesome!” doesn’t make sense, because feminine women are basically the only kind of women who get to be characters at all. women characters as a whole are of course chronically underdeveloped, but when women on tv get to be awesome, they are virtually always feminine.

it would make much more sense to say “it’s important to show that a woman can be awesome!”

it would also make a lot of sense to say “it’s important to show that a woman can be butch and still be awesome!” because it’s rare for butch/masculine women to be represented at all and when they are they are usually minor characters who don’t get to do much.

but when you say ”it’s important to show that a woman can be feminine and still be awesome!” it just reveals a lack of awareness of the utter dominance of feminine women characters in media. and it’s a slap in the face to all the actual butch/masculine women who just want to see a woman like them be a main character, just once in a while, just at all.




A tea party at the Armstrong Estate after Alphonse got his body back. Fullmetal Alchemist: Daughter of the Dusk for Wii

al is back in his body no food is safe

haha wow this is really cu-

wait a second


wait second








old school E3 2013

Never forget!!!

Time to get those E3 gifs ready.


Fire Emblem prints I’ll be selling at Fanime!

I’ll be at table #817 with Ybee and Rachiwi.


There will be no S-ranking going on in my camp, Young Lady.

by 廻田 武